Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weather Outside Is Frightful…Taking Care Of Your Skin In The Winter

You often hear about the damaging affects of heat and sun on your skin but more often then not people tend to forget about how important it is to care for your skin during the winter months. The winter can be harsh on the skin and cause havoc that can last even after winter is over. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and looking lovely during the cold winter months.


1. Drink Plenty Of Water

2. Protect Your Lips!! Wear Some Kind Of  Lip Balm or Lip Moisturizer Regularly.

3. Wear Gloves, Scarfs and Hats To Protect The Areas Of The Body That Are Often Exposed To The Cold Winter Air And Take The Biggest Beating During The Winter Months…Perfect excuse to go accessory shopping!!

4. Wear Plenty Of Sunscreen…Not Just For The Sun Dear You Need It For The Chilly Months As Well.

5. Avoid Hot Baths And Showers…Sounds Weird I Know But It’s A Must. The Hot Bath Water Will Rob Your Skin Of Moisture And That Is Just Something You Don’t Need During These Months. Trust Me a Lukewarm Bath Or Shower Followed By Application Of A Moisturizer Will Help Keep Your Skin In Tip Top Shape During Winter.

6. Invest In A Humidifier Or A Steamer And Use It!

7. Try Trading In Your Bath Soaps And Facial Cleansers For Something More On The Creamy Side.

8. Take Flaxseed Oil…yes Flaxseed Oil.

9. Exfoliate Often.

10. Work That Body…Exercising Does The Body Good During The Winter Months So Make Sure That You Get Plenty Of Physical Activity In.

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  1. These are some great tips! My exfoliator and moisturisers are my holy grails in the winter :) xo